Company Service Information.

      We offer a full range of radiation and laser protection services.
      At the planning stage of imaging and laser treatment rooms, we are able to advise on all matters concerning equipment layout, wall shielding, RF shielding and appropriate finishes etc..We can also advise on the on the demarcation of radiation and laser controlled areas. This work would continue as and when required up until the equipment has been installed and is ready to use.

      • Equipment specification and tender evaluation.

      We have a wealth of experience in the preparation of detailed specifications for the purchase of diagnostic imaging equipment. This would include the drafting of detailed technical requirements documentation and the preparation of final technical specification documents for distribution the potential suppliers.

      We also offer a service of equipment and tender evaluation to assist you in making the right choice to match your needs. This work could involve reading suppliers detailed tender returns, to site visits to perform independent equipment reviews.

      • Imaging/treatment room commissioning.
      We feel it is essential that all imaging rooms and laser treatment rooms are commissioned before use and if at all possible, before the equipment is installed. This will ensure that all appropriate protection and environmental controls are in place.

      • Prior risk assessments
      As required by statute, we will perform a prior risk assessment for each x-ray and laser treatment room and prepare local rules as appropriate. We will also assist with the prior notification to the HSE as required by the IRR99.

      • Equipment Commissioning and Critical Examination
      We will work closely with all imaging equipment suppliers to ensure a smooth installation and will carry out the required critical examinations along with the supplier to nationally recognised standards.
      We will also perform a full equipment commission to ensure compliance with the national standards and the suppliers specification. The latter is essential to ensure a good set of baseline figures are produced.

      • The provision or relevant documentation.
      We will assist with the preparation of the wealth of documentation that is required to satisfy both the HSE and the Healthcare Commission.
      This will include the preparation of Local Rules for both radiology, MRI and lasers, IR(ME)R2000 employers procedure files, formal risk assessments, contingency plans, quality assurance manuals, Health & Safety policy document files etc..
      We also can provide Laser and Radiation Protection Supervisor manuals as required.

      • Medical Physics and RPA services
      As required by statute, we are able to provide our services as RPA and LPA’s. We will advise you as and when of your statutory obligation of the IRR99 and IR(ME)R2000 regulations and assist you in meeting the required standards.
      We will carry out annual (or more frequent if required) radiation protection audits and produce a written report of our findings. We are also happy to produce written and verbal reports to annual Health & Safety committee meetings as required.
      We will perform routine equipment quality assurance checks in accordance with the national approved standards and will produce a detailed report offering information on equipment managements and fault identification.
      We will also assist with the routine quality assurance programme that must be performed on a daily, weekly and lees frequent intervals.

      • Training Services.
      We offer a wide range of training courses to meet our clients needs. These cover all aspects of radiation and laser protection, from short safety refresher courses to detailed RPS and LPS courses and Core of Knowledge training. These can be held at you premises or at one of our own recommended locations in central London or Southeast England.
      We also offer a range of on-site radiographer quality assurance and digital radiography courses tailored to your needs.

      • Additional Services.
      We offer a staff dosimetry service, either using Luxel® radiation dose badges or digital dose meters. We will also assist in performing routine patient dose audits and advise on emergency dosimetry and exposures in the case of pregnancy.

      Service Summary

      Our general contracts shall cover all physics services required by the Hospital/Clinic. This include matters concerned with statutory requirements such as the services of a radiation protection advisor and also of a laser protection advisor where required.
      Our company is capable of providing you with a service to extend into not only ionising radiation physics but also a wide range of non-ionising areas to include ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.
      Our team is fully trained and possesses the appropriate equipment to bring high standards of quality assurance to these areas as well as to the ionising radiation areas for which we are well known.

      In a world of increasing legislation there will be considerable emphasis on advice designed to ensure that the client is well informed as to the requirements of both existing and forthcoming legislation. This advice is provided both by conventional means and by the use of regular bulletins issued to the radiation protection supervisor of the hospital.


      Our contracts shall cover all the requirements of the current legislation including IRR99, REPPIR2001 and the RSA93 . The contract usually includes the following:
      • Annual RPA inspection and risk assessment as required by IRR99.
      • Audit of cargo movement, storage facilities in accordance with RSA93.
      • Three yearly REPPIR audit and submission to HSC as and when required.
      • Staff dosimetry.
      • Provision of Local Rules and emergency procedures.
      • RPS and general awareness training.
      • 24 hour emergency call out service.